cracked gels, no thanks, please help!!

Gene Holowachuk geneh at USA.NET
Fri Jan 13 14:23:59 EST 1995

Hi Laurette,
We have found that substitution of "Duracryl" (from Millipore) high tensile
strength 30% acryl/0.8% bis for regular acrylamide/bis results in gels
(anything from 10-20%, gradient or not linear up to 20%) that do not crack
during drying. We simply stain'em and dry'em at 60-80 oC under vac. BTW I
have no affiliation, etc with above company.
Cheers, Gene

>Dear Protein/Peptide People-
>        I am trying to complete some preliminary
>data for a grant due in one week.
>        My problem is I am doing a tryptic digest and attempting
>to run either the Schlagger and von Jagow Tris/tricine procedure
>OR the laemmli modification of Okajima with 17-18% gels.
>        Samples appear fine by counts BUT the gels CRACK
>upon drying.
>        My question is: how to prevent gels from cracking
>[i am using 35S-Met labeled peptides [2-5.5 kD] upon
>drying.  if i soak in glycerol [what %] won't i get diffusion?
>i am looking for any and all comments and suggestions.
>Please help.
>frustrated young post-doc

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