media for hepG2 cells, pump for aspiration

Manpreet S Wadhwa mwadhwa at
Mon Jan 16 22:20:20 EST 1995

hi all,

please excuse the strange sounding subject title. our lab moved to univ. of
michigan recently, and i'm trying to get together the necessary equipment
and supplies to continue working on my doctoral project. the part where
i'm having trouble is ordering supplies for cell-culture work, something
i'm somewhat of a newbie at.

i need to grow some hepG2 cells, and the ATCC recommended media is minimum
essential media (MEM) with non essential amino acids, earle's salts, and
sodium pyruvate. at this point i don't want to mess with making media up
myself, and there isn't any campus facility where i can order media to
specifications. i couldn't find this exact composition in the catalogs i
looked at, but sigma supplies media which is the same as what i need,
except that they substitute sodium bicarbonate for sodium pyruvate. moreover,
this media is available at a huge discount thru our university stores. so
my question is: can i use bicarb instead of pyruvate without making hepG2
cells unhappy? related questions: what is the pyruvate there for? anyone know
of a supplier which supplies media as above with pyruvate? does someone know of
media better suited for hepg2s?

my second question is regarding pump specifications for aspirating media off
culture dishes. i looked in Fisher catalog and they have a bunch of pumps
which can pull vaccuum. a corrosion resistant pump with teflon seals
(Barnant) looks good, esp since it is economical, and carries the promise of
low maintenance (no pump oil to change). it pulls 1.1 cubic feet/min of air,
with vaccuum = 20inches of Hg. i'm not too sure, is this good enough vaccuum?
can someone recommend me a good and reliable, quiet running pump?

thanks for your help and please reply fast, i gotta get started!


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