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Mon Jan 16 16:53:42 EST 1995

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>We want to prepare biotin-labeled probes for in-situ hybridization. Can
>anyone tell us if some commercial biotin-labeling kits are better than
>others? Any information on the best protocols for maximum sensitivity and
>minimum background would also be much appreciated. Thank you.
>Colette Tremblay
>Colette Tremblay
>Universite Laval
>Quebec QC Canada
>Zone 4b

Our facilty, UCDNA Services, synthesizes their own biotin
phosphoramidite reagent (prepared using the method I published in
Tet. Lett. V32, 1715-1718, 1991) and so they  offer biotinylated
oligonucleotides for a relatively low price. $30.00 plus the
synthesis cost. The biotinylated oligo's are pure enough for most
applications but an optional purification by gel electrophoresis
is also available.

This may be more convenient for you and less
costly than making amino-modified oligo's and biotinylating them
yourself or buying even more expensive commercial kits. If you or
anyone else wants more info then contact the lab at DNALAB at
(tel: 403-220-4277, fax: 403-283-4907). The UCDNA Synthesis lab
does a lot of work for external researchers as well as local ones. 

Best Regards
Richard T. Pon

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