cracked gels

Richard_Heath heath at
Sun Jan 15 16:59:33 EST 1995

I think that gels will crack if the vacuum is released *before* the gel has
dried... so make sure that the gel is fully dry before turning off the pump. 
Also, I think (!?) that if the pump is not pulling an effective vacuum, this
can cause problems with cracking.  If this is a recurrent problem (i.e. happens
all the time) have the pump checked/cleaned.  If it is only occaisional, then
it may be that you are just not fully drying the gel (or the seal gets jogged
during drying etc).  Make sure that the blotting paper under the gel is good
and clean too.  As to soaking in glycerol - use 10% for about 1 hour after
fixing.  It is supposed to help, but I never bother!  

Best of luck!


> Dear Protein/Peptide People-
> 	I am trying to complete some preliminary 
> data for a grant due in one week.
> 	My problem is I am doing a tryptic digest and attempting
> to run either the Schlagger and von Jagow Tris/tricine procedure
> OR the laemmli modification of Okajima with 17-18% gels.
> 	Samples appear fine by counts BUT the gels CRACK
> upon drying.
> 	My question is: how to prevent gels from cracking
> [i am using 35S-Met labeled peptides [2-5.5 kD] upon
> drying.  if i soak in glycerol [what %] won't i get diffusion?
> i am looking for any and all comments and suggestions.      
> Please help.
> Laurette
> frustrated young post-doc

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