baculo recombinationseq. question

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Mon Jan 16 18:58:04 EST 1995

Fred writes:
> I have this wonderful Xho1 site that can be changed into a
> perfect Pst1 site by a single GC swap in the middle of the site. 
> Now, the problem is that the Xho1 is positioned in the *middle* of 
> (one of the) the Ac recombinationsites.

There are several vectors that do not have any viral sequences upstream 
from the XhoI site you refer to. This still leaves approx. 2 kb of 
viral sequences which is sufficient for recombinantion. Our pBacPAK8 
& 9 vectors have even less viral sequences, approx. 1.3 kb, and still 
work very well. Changing XhoI to PstI should not be a problem.
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