Sequencing plates problem

Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA Benoit_Hebert at IAF.UQUEBEC.CA
Mon Jan 16 23:29:18 EST 1995

> I am using S2 Sequencing System BRL 0.4 mm. I have to dry the gel on the 
> plate. When I disassemble the gel sandwich, it doesn't stick on the 
> proper plate (even if the other plate has been siliconized). Even if the 
> gel sticks on one plate, it does not stick enough. When I wash the gel 
> it often slips away from the plate and the same thing happens when I try 
> to dry it with a hair dryer.
> If you have any ideas how I could treat the plates before pouring the gel 
> please let me know.

We silanized one plate and use an anti-adhesize on the other. We spray some
"PAM" (yes, this is not a joke) on a J cloth and then wipe the plate. Use the 
regular PAM, not the olive oil based one... ;) You may want to try the 
low-calorie version for thinner gels. (I had to say this... !)


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