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Tue Jan 17 13:42:21 EST 1995

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>Subj:	Re: Sequenase
>i suggest going over to the glycerol tolerant (tris-taurine) system for all
>of your polyacrylamide analyses of DNA molecules.  we dilute sequenase as
>suggested in the glycerol dilution buffer along with pyrophosphatase.  its
>stable forever and allows you to use every bit of enzyme without waste.
>i use the tris-taurine buffer when running thin polyacrylamide gels for the
>analysis of oligos and polynucleotides.  its a fine buffer - i cant recall
>when i last used TBE.

I can find taurine in the Sigma catalogue but not in the Red book or the M&R FAQ.  
Could someone please post a recipe or reference for its use in acrylamide gels?  


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