Viability of cells in PBS? How long?

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> Anyone any ideas how long cell membranes retain their integrity in PBS?
> I'm incubating substrate with cells for 1-5 hours and want to know if the
> cells are releasing internal contents through permeablised membranes.
> I dont want to use medium because it contains things that interfere with
> the HPLC detection method.
> If any thoughts or suggestions for simple basal medium I'd be grateful.
> Thanks in advance 

try an electrophysiology bath solution....cells sit in this for hours...

150mM NaCl
4mM KCl
1mM CaCl2
1mM MgCl2
10mM HEPES (pH 7.2 with NaOH)

this is the external solution they use....i used it once to incubate cells
at room temperature (in presence of luciferin) for an hour or so...they
didnt appear to choke on it ;)



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