molybdenum inhibit PCR?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Tue Jan 17 18:43:44 EST 1995

Does anybody know concentration of molybdenum that will inhibit PCR?

Molbdenum can have +6 charge!

I've got a danmed feces specimen that contains 10 ppm molybdenum ... DNA 
extracted from this specimen is inhibitory down to 1/100 dilution!

DNA looks fine on agarose gel.

I've tried several sequential DNA extractions, alchohol ppt'ns ... on 
1/2 of my DNA sample, I've also tried competing the Mo with Lithium 
chloride ... no improvement ... likewise with exposure to EGTA and EDTA!

I'm considering chelex for my next attempts to reduce the inhibiting 
effects of this crappy (pun intended) DNA!  :^)

Any suggestions?  

thanks a bunch,


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