cracked gels, no thanks, please help!!

June Eva Paciga jpaciga at
Thu Jan 19 14:17:21 EST 1995

>Dear Protein/Peptide People-
>        I am trying to complete some preliminary 
>data for a grant due in one week.
>        My problem is I am doing a tryptic digest and attempting
>to run either the Schlagger and von Jagow Tris/tricine procedure
>OR the laemmli modification of Okajima with 17-18% gels.
>        Samples appear fine by counts BUT the gels CRACK
>upon drying.
>        My question is: how to prevent gels from cracking
>[i am using 35S-Met labeled peptides [2-5.5 kD] upon
>drying.  if i soak in glycerol [what %] won't i get diffusion?
>i am looking for any and all comments and suggestions.      
>Please help.
>frustrated young post-doc


I have successfully used FMC's GelBond PAG film with polyacrylamide gels. 
(I also use the Schlagger and vonJagow gel system).  The gels are easy to 
handle and can be dried overnight at room temperature without distortion.
Call them a 1-800-521-0390 (tech service) and ask if they would send you 
some samples, that's how I got started using it.  Most importantly, be 
sure that the film is TIGHTLY ADHERED to the glass plate.  I realize this 
information is too late to help you for youre present grant but I hope it 
is helpful for the future.

June Eva Paciga
813-974-0546 (voice)

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