Dang acrylamide won't go in gel plates!!

Aaron Pawlyk aaron at netnews.upenn.edu
Thu Jan 19 17:32:03 EST 1995

Beth Wapelhorst (weazel at seanet.com) wrote:
: Okay, I use my sequencing gels (2 of 'em) every day, and have been 
: fer a long time, and it's only now that I have this problem.

: There's some sort of film or somethin' built up where the wells go, you 
: can't see it, you can't scrub it off, you can't strip it off like it was 
: sigmacote, you can't even feel it unless you rub it with a damp kimwipe 
: and then you get some resistance. Anyways, it's keepin' the acrylamide 
: from entering between the glass plates and making gel pouring a Real Pain 
: In The Ass.

: Here's what I've tried:
: scrubbing with Soft Scrub and a scrubbing pad (although now that I think 
: about it, steel wool is worth a shot)
: stripping with 2M NaOH, which gets sigmacote off very nicely
: putting sigmacote on both plates up by the wells, which does help, but it 
: makes my wells really crappy and is only a temporary solution.

: How can I get my plates back to their original smoothness? Anyone else 
: have this problem?

: sugarbeth
: weazel at seanet.com

I'd suggest calling the manufactor of the plates and asking them for advice,
they should have the best idea.

When I get stubborn stuff on plates I usually wash them with 2M NaOH in 
methanol.  The methanol seems to be much more effective than water.  Just wipe
the gel well with Kimwipes under a hood.  You also might want to try soaking the
plates for 15-20 minutes in the NaOH/MtOH before wiping.

			-- Aaron

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