What is the best kit for sequencing PCR products?

Carl Lawyer clawyer at SIUMED.EDU
Thu Jan 19 12:58:13 EST 1995

Dear PCRers:

 We have been sending out our PCR products for sequencing, but would like
to do it in our own lab here.

What is the best method/ kit to use for sequencing PCR products. (most
practical, fastest, cheapest, most reliable, good for small lab that is not
a research factory with an unlimited budget etc.).

How good is the USB kit for sequencing PCR products?

Much appreciate any comments.

        Carl Lawyer M.D., Director of Asthma Program,        clawyer at siumed.edu
        Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
        Division of Pulmonary Medicine
        PO Box 19230
        751 North Rutledge
        Springfield, IL 62794-9230

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