Autoclave Guanidinium Isothiocyanate?

M. Frank mr-frank at
Thu Jan 19 11:40:42 EST 1995

Another person in our group here swears that guanidinium isothiocyanate
needs to be autoclaved before use in RNA extractions. None of the 
procedures I have seen (maniatis, chrigwin, chomczynski, etc) mention
this, and usually recommend filtering the buffer instead. What's more,
 I've heard that autoclaving GuISCN will decrease its activity as a
chaotropic agent. Is this in fact true? If it is, is there any way to 
"regenerate" the GuISCN buffer or does Dave need to trash this batch,
and make another?

Michael R. Frank
Plant Biology
Univ. of Illinois, UC

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