20bp ladder: where from?

Peter Alefounder Bioc pra1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jan 20 05:16:14 EST 1995

  In the November/December BioTechniques (Euro edition) is an
advertisement from FMC for their agarose. The illustration
shows a gel with some useful-looking markers: apparently a
20bp ladder with a more intense band every 100bp, up to 1 kb.
The UK agents for FMC think that FMC make the markers, but can
provide no more information, such as catalogue number or
price. I suspect someone else makes them, and FMC don't want
to admit it, even to their own agents.

  Does anyone know who does make these markers, or better, if
they are made by digesting a plasmid, where to get the

Peter Alefounder.

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