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> Dear netters
> Can I have the experienced oppinion of someone that uses routinely Pfu
> polymerase for amplifyng products for cloning. Is it worth to prevent
> mistakes in the PCR? I want to use the PCR product for cloning and then
> expression in E.coli and am afraid of mistakes that can result in
> truncated proteins.
> Thanks
> Domingos

Our lab does NOT routinely use pfu, but we have used it for some
site-directed mutagenesis.  We had bad experiences:

1)  We still had errors!!  The error rate seemed to be about the same as
normal taq.  Our cDNA was only 500 bp, so this was not a huge deal.  Juts
had to sequence a lot of clones.

2)  Pfu conditions are different than taq, so you have to work out
conditions again.

I would reccomend trying NEB vent or something...

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