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  ONNO.Myriam at[ONNO.Myriam] asks:
>  >Is it possible to realize the SSCP technique with non radioactive labeled nucleotides. for example Dig-UTP ? Is it possible to 
detect the non radioactive products on a dried polyacrylamide gel ? 
>  Edwin Fink anwsers:
>  Many others and we are using silver staining of the PAGE for doing 
>  SSCP. No labeled markers are necessary. Probably any silver staining
>   method is applicable. We use D. Riesner et al., (1989) Electrophoresis 10:377-389. 

Several of our customers are staining SSCP gels with SYBR Green I (Molecular Probes) and scanning the gels on our FluorImager 
(Molecular Dynamics).  In addition to the advantages of silver staining (no modified nucleotides) this method is more sensitive than 
silver staining (2-3x) and much easier to peform.
DISCLAIMER: I work for Molecular Dynamics, we make the FluorImager
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