Smooth muscle cell-specific housekeeping genes?

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Fri Jan 20 14:21:10 EST 1995

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(Chung-Ming Hsieh) wrote:
>I am doing some RNA analyses to study several possible smooth muscle
>cell-specific gene expression among different tissues, such as in various
>portions of the digestive system and in the cardiovascular system.  Despite
>I loaded the same amount of total RNA in Northern analysis, it is hard to
>determine how much of the RNA really came out from the smooth muscle cells
>in each particular tissue/organ since most tissues are comprised of many
>different cell types.
>I am wondering if one can find a smooth muscle cell-specific housekeeping
>gene and use it as a probe to control the smooth muscle cell RNA proportion
>in various tissues.  I have looked into alpha-smooth muscle actin and it is
>not expressed at the same level in the digestive system and the vascular
>The other solution to this is to do in situ hybridization, but that's
>another story...
>Thanks in advance for your input!
>Chung-Ming Hsieh
>Hsieh at
>Cardiovascular Biology Laboratory
>Harvard School of Public Health

Probably the best standard for your situation would be either 18S or 28S rRNA.

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