Dang acrylamide won't g

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Fri Jan 20 20:35:40 EST 1995

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In article <3fkm8v$96t at kisa.seanet.com>, weazel at seanet.com (Beth
Wapelhorst) wrote:
> Okay, I use my sequencing gels (2 of 'em) every day, and have been 
> fer a long time, and it's only now that I have this problem.
> There's some sort of film ..(stuff omitted) a Real Pain In The Ass.

OK, I'll reveal my age by suggesting Chromerge (Fisher C577-12).  Added to
Sulfuric acid it makes a fantastic cleaning solution and it's more effective and
easier to rinse off than straight sulfuric acid.  It was  absolutely required in
the olden days for cleaning glass plates used for acrylamide gels, for washing
micropipettes, glass coverslips, whatever needed to be exceedingly clean.  We
used to store it in a strong plastic container with a lid, and just soak things
in it when necessary (using rubber gloves).  Ah yes.....I ruined many a pair of
jeans and many a T-shirt using Chromic sulfuric acid. ....  Good luck!     Jeanne

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