Is Boehringer Mannheim the only supplier of Dig-labellin

Fri Jan 20 17:11:14 EST 1995

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>    I have several suggestions depending on what the background
>problems are due to.  If background is all over the filter,
                                          No, it was due to the colonies

>  If background is 
>due to bacterial colonies, have you tried blocking filters with 
>free biotin, then wash, then block with strepavidin, and then 
>another wash?  I hope this helps.
>Joe Polli
>Glaxo Research Institute

No, we didn't try that - thanks for the suggestion. Is this something that is 
tried-and-true, or just a thoughtful suggestion?  We did try a method 
suggested by Schleicher & Schuell after having seen a biotin-labelled colony 
lift in their advertisement - after colony lifting, lysing, etc., a proteinase 
K incubation of the filters and wiping with Kim-wipes, but it didn't work.
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