Is Boehringer Mannheim the only supplier of Dig-labellin

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<prior DIG vs biotin posts deleted>

>Actually, we've obtained excellent results with biotin-labelling 
>for most of our applications (Southern blots, using PCR to 
>incorporate label, biotinylated oligos) except when performing 
>**colony lifts**.  We posted this problem a while back to no 


>it is kind of a pain.  2) if background is due to bacterial 
>colonies, have you tried blocking filters with free biotin, then 
>wash, and then block with strepavidin, followed by another wash?  
>I hope this helps.

Q: Doesn't E. coli contain heaps of free biotin?  That's what I've
been told, anyway - but that's in the realms of hearsay.

DIG is used quite a bit here at NRC for colony lifts, even after
site-specific mutagenesis, with nary a background problem.  My
esteemed colleague, Warren Wakarchuk (who is probably lurking here),
swears by it.

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