Dang acrylamide won't go in gel plates!!

Darren M. Stauth stauth at crunch.usgmrl.ksu.edu
Fri Jan 20 10:20:04 EST 1995

In article <3fkm8v$96t at kisa.seanet.com>, weazel at seanet.com (Beth
Wapelhorst) wrote:

> Okay, I use my sequencing gels (2 of 'em) every day, and have been 
> fer a long time, and it's only now that I have this problem.
> There's some sort of film or somethin' built up where the wells go, you 
> can't see it, you can't scrub it off, you can't strip it off like it was 
> sigmacote, you can't even feel it unless you rub it with a damp kimwipe 
> and then you get some resistance. Anyways, it's keepin' the acrylamide 
> from entering between the glass plates and making gel pouring a Real Pain 
> In The Ass.
> Here's what I've tried:
> scrubbing with Soft Scrub and a scrubbing pad (although now that I think 
> about it, steel wool is worth a shot)
> stripping with 2M NaOH, which gets sigmacote off very nicely
> putting sigmacote on both plates up by the wells, which does help, but it 
> makes my wells really crappy and is only a temporary solution.
> How can I get my plates back to their original smoothness? Anyone else 
> have this problem?
> sugarbeth
> weazel at seanet.com

We had a problem that sounds similar.  There were areas on our plates that
were hydrophobic.  every time I poured a gel the same pattern of bubbles
would appear in these spots.  After many failed attempts of stripping
whatever it was on the plates, we tried sulfuric acid on the problem spots
for about an hour.  It worked great.  Give it a try if nothing else works.

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