Semi-Dry blotting problem

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>I find it's easy to place a membrane on top of a gel, but
> the gel on top of the membrane gives me fits! Is there a slick hands-on trick
> for doing this?

I generally place the membrane on top of the gel and then place the wet
filter paper layer on top of that and flip the whole mess over carefully
onto my hand.  The glass can then be separated from the gel by carefully
lifting the plate and allowing the gel, membrane and bottom layer of
filter paper to hang down a bit at one corner.  Once the bottom layers are
placed on the blotting apparatus, you can place the top layer of wet
filter paper and go ahead and blot.  I use a different brand semi-dry
apparatus so I am not sure that the electrodes are oriented in the same
fashion.  If necessary, you could easily flip the 'sandwhich'.

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