DNA from faeces

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sat Jan 21 12:13:34 EST 1995

I recommend homogenizing feces in 6 M GITC on ice -> centrifuge 
to pellet out debris -> transfer supernatant to new tube & centrifuge 
again (10,000 xg for 10 min at +4 to +10*C), followed by adding a slurry of 
silica/diatomaceous earth to the supernatant in order to bind the DNA, 
followed by washing away the "crap" (pun intended) with 50% ethanol/TE, 
then elute DNA with TE ... can use right away or precipitate with 0.3 M 
NaAc and 2x vol ethanol.

Several rather decent versions have been posted to this newsgroup (in 
the FAQ? ... otherwise check the bionet archives). I like using spin 
cartridges (small units that fit into top of 1.5 mL microfuge tube ... 
have porous mesh/frit that catches the glass particles ... allows for 
thorough washing. 

These centrifuge tube frit/mesh units are available from several 
manufacturers for low cost AND are reuseable (wash by first flushing in 
warm water, then drying with 100% alcohol (your choice ... methanol, 
ethanol, propanols) ... air dry then flush & soak for few minutes in 
chromic-sulfuric acid then rinse well with water (chromic-sulfuric acid = 25 
mL of 50% w/v  aqueous solution of chromium trioxide slowly stirred into 
4 L of conc sulfuric acid ... this chromic-sulfuric acid lasts for a 
long time if NOT reused once wetted with water (we keep reused stuff in 
separate bottle ... once it becomes green in color it is no longer 
useable AND is more toxic).

I've recently converted to this method for getting PCR quality DNA from 
animal feces (herbivores) compared to standard GITC/phenol/CHCl3 ext'n 
(which doesn't remove PCR inhibiting compounds).

I wish to once again thank those who suggested my using this method for 
feces DNA.

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In <3fon5s$s58 at infoserv.rug.ac.be> dieter.deforce at rug.ac.be writes:

>I would like to know if it is possible to extract human genomic DNA from 
> faeces. Can anybody tell me where I can find a protocol or an article 

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