How do I clone with a P1 library?

Heidi Umphrey zu02080 at
Sat Jan 21 21:41:18 EST 1995

Hey out there,
   Currently I am studying for an exam in which the professor discussed in
his lecture the use of a P1 library for the creation of a genomic
library.  The library construct contained lox sites and used the cre gene
to induce some sort of recombination.  What eluded me though was how you
actually were able to clone up to 100kB pieces, and into what organism you
were able to do this.  Is this a procaryotic system?  How exactly do you
do this method.  It sounds interesting and would potentially like to try
it out some day.
   Any one with any expertise your comments are appreciated.  Thankyou...

         Thanks in advance,
         meds010 at
         University of Alabama at Birmingham

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