Column for pET system??

mmccorm at mmccorm at
Mon Jan 23 21:07:26 EST 1995

> Dear All
>         I am going to express some His-Tagged fusion protein and need to 
> purchase the affinity matrix for protein purification. Since Novagen is not
> available in HK and it may take several months for ordering, I wonder if other
> companys do supply the same products. Alternatively, can I make the affinity
> matrix by myself? 
>         Please kindly give me the name of suppliers or the protocol for making
> the affinity matrix. Many thanks to your help!!
> Cheers
> Wallace 
> BLLIM at


Novagen has a distributor in HK. Contact TWC Biosearch Intl. (phone
699 6208) Sorry, no E-mail address available. 

Another alternative is metal chelation resin from Pharmacia (if available
in HK). Qiagen
offers metal chelation resin but it is based on NTA and not IDA (this may
or may not be a concern to you). 


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