in situ using biotin-riboprobe

CV Laboratory system at
Mon Jan 23 18:41:16 EST 1995

I have been doing in situ using DIG-riboprobe.   I am to switch over to
biotin labeling.  As suggested in Boehringer Mannheim's packing inserts, I
in vitro transcribed using the protocol I used for DIG labeling (replacing
DIG-UTP with biotin-UTP, of course).  I also hybridized and washed as I
did with DIG-riboprobe.  The detection was done using a DAB kit.  The end
result is that I got absolutely no signal.    
Could anybody give me suggestions on how to do in situ hybridization using
biotin-labelled riboprobe?  I have not been successful in getting a good
reference on it, either.
Thank you.


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