metal chelate chromatography in urea

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Mon Jan 23 20:58:20 EST 1995

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> Our lab is interested in knowing whether it is feasible to perform metal 
> chelate affinity chromatography in the presence of high concentrations of 
> urea. The concern is that the urea will co-ordinate the immobilised metal 
> ions & remove them from the resin. Has anyone tried to do this ?
> Thanks,
> D.Heeley
> Dept Biochem
> Memorial University
> Newfoundland
> Canada.

We use urea at up to 8M without any problems using His€Bind resin from Novagen. 
Their chelator is iminodiacetic acid and the divalent cation is Ni (2+).
They can provide you with a
detailed protocol. E-mail to novatech at


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