Actin and GADPH Probes required

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Mon Jan 23 15:48:48 EST 1995

In Article <saleem.6.00364B3E at>, saleem at (Dr Saleem
Mohammed) wrote:
>I would be most grateful if anybody could supply me with b-Actin and GADPH DNA 
>If anybody could suggest alternatives to these traditional housekeeping genes 
>for use as controls in Northern blots, this would be most appreciated.
>Dr Saleem Mohammed,
>Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,
>Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.
>Rowland Hill Street,
>London. NW2 2PF.

I don't have any clones available, but these DNA templates may be purchased
pre-linearized (Ambion). Depending on your experiments, one of the rRNAs amy
be a better internal standard. I have found both b-actin and GAPDH to be
induced over 50% in various experiments.

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