Semi-Dry blotting problem

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Mon Jan 23 15:48:10 EST 1995

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>>I find it's easy to place a membrane on top of a gel, but
>> the gel on top of the membrane gives me fits! Is there a slick hands-on trick
>> for doing this?
>I generally place the membrane on top of the gel and then place the wet
>filter paper layer on top of that and flip the whole mess over carefully
>onto my hand.  The glass can then be separated from the gel by carefully
>lifting the plate and allowing the gel, membrane and bottom layer of
>filter paper to hang down a bit at one corner.  Once the bottom layers are
>placed on the blotting apparatus, you can place the top layer of wet
>filter paper and go ahead and blot.  I use a different brand semi-dry
>apparatus so I am not sure that the electrodes are oriented in the same
>fashion.  If necessary, you could easily flip the 'sandwhich'.
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Try a kitchen spatula.

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