separation of pth-amino acids

Mon Jan 23 19:01:51 EST 1995

There are scads of methods out there to analyze PTH-amino acids on C18, but
the one I published a-ways back still works well:

     Anal. Biochem. 121: 281-285 (1982)  Black, S.D., and Coon, M.J.

Sensitivity is about 2 pmol, analysis time 12 minutes, reproducibility 0.2%,
di-PTH-Lys elutes well-separated from di-PTU (diphenylthiourea) and 
PTH-Phe.  These days, we no longer use the triethylamine as specified in
the article, but position the basic amino acids by means of raising the
concentration of ammonium acetate in the first solvent (A).  Hope this helps
you a bit.  Best regards,  Shaun

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