How to fight whiteflies:

Massimo Delledonne delle at
Mon Jan 23 07:22:16 EST 1995

Thanks you people for answering to my question about how to get rid of 
whiteflies ..... I've really apreciated it and I found (I hope so) a 
way to kill them)
As appear in several messages I've received, the best way to control 
whiteflies is using Enstar 5E (growt regulator from Sandoz) that is pretty expensive but 
seems to work well, or a mix of  Orthene and Neem plant extract 
(like Margosan-O from Grace-Sierra Crop Prot. (800-492-8255).
Someone suggest to use Marathon, a new pesticide from Bayer Ag Chem., 
and several people suggests to use Encarsia Formosa and/or yellow 
traps .....

Here, in Europe, Sandoz doesn't sell Enstar   :-(
Anybody knows the fax number of Sandoz America? I would like to try 
to ask them how to get that product .....  Email of someone working 
in Sandoz would be terrific :-)

A good advise I've received from one of you: "If you have them you 
must fight them with severe prejudice and full metal jacket" :-)

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