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When the primers "go off", do they degrade, or just inexplicably inactivate? Is
there any way, besides making new primers, to find out if this is the problem?

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Hello Jeff,
It looks like you have ruled out everything else except the primers.  
Primers can die, especially if you resuspended in water (Our labs 
experience).  In our case the hospital engineers pulse the distilled water 
lines with acid periodically to get rid of nasty stuff.  This leaves us 
with very clean water lines but the pH can drop to 2.4!!  The nanopure 
system doesn't change the pH. About a year ago our PCR just stopped, we 
went through everything (conditions, reagents, etc.).  It turns out that 
our water had killed our primers and nucleotides that were made up during a
time of low pH time.  Now we resuspend our primers in 1 mM Tris 8.0 (yeah 
that's weak but we haven't had the problem again).  I'm just a bacteria 
type, but I vote for bad primers.  The net.PCR.gurus may have different 

Best of luck,
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