Smooth muscle cell-specific housekeeping genes?

Timo Hiltunen bltihi at
Tue Jan 24 02:12:04 EST 1995

Chung-Ming Hsieh (Hsieh at wrote:
: I am wondering if one can find a smooth muscle cell-specific housekeeping
: gene and use it as a probe to control the smooth muscle cell RNA proportion
: in various tissues.  I have looked into alpha-smooth muscle actin and it is
: not expressed at the same level in the digestive system and the vascular ...

Alpha-SMC actin in NB:s is not SMC-specific, since probably all the 
actins cross-hybridize due to highly similar sequences, and all cell-types 
express some kind of actin (at least I think so).

It would really be very interesting to hear about a gene that is expressed 
only in smooth muscle cells in quantities sufficient for NB detection.

Timo Hiltunen
from the Univ. of Tampere, Finland

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