Enhancer Plasmid Question

Douglas Lee Lee at CIIT.ORG
Tue Jan 24 14:34:24 EST 1995

I am interested in a plasmid that contains the following features:

	1. CAT or b-galactosidase reporter gene behind a constitutively 
				active promoter (eg. thymidine kinase promoter.)

	2. Bacterial selection gene (Amp is always good.)

	3. Simple cloning site for the insertion of small activation/enhancer

	4. (here's the tough one) A eukaryotic selection gene for the
     generation of stable transformants.

Is there a compnay that makes such a plasmid?  I have checked with the 
following: Stratagene, ClonTech, Invitrogen, BRL catalogs but maybe I
have missed something.  Or maybe there is an individual with such a
plasmid that would be willing to hand it out.

Please contact me at the EMAIL address below.  

Thanks to all......

Doug   (Lee at CIIT.ORG)

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