Diluted DNA for PCR???

sl6dp at cc.usu.edu sl6dp at cc.usu.edu
Tue Jan 24 18:02:55 EST 1995

I am trying to reamplify a DNA from a previous PCR, and for that I made
a few dilutions to check which one works: 1ng/microliter, 0.1ng/", 100pg/",
this last one gave me the best results, so I trued it again, it worked the
same, but the 3rd time I ued it the bands were very faint, and the 4th time
did'nt gave me any product at all. I am storing the dilution at -20, 
defrozen it every time I used it. I was suggested that the DNA was stiking
to the tubes and that by now there is no DNA in the solution, can this
be possible, should'nt I detect something with the PCR???????

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