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Beth Wapelhorst weazel at
Wed Jan 25 02:09:32 EST 1995

We have three Ericomp dual block machines and they work great.....BUT we 
did have a problem in the beginning with the newer one. It turns out 
that they had updated their software to make them run faster, but this 
resulted in them hanging partway through the program for us, ruining the 
reactions. After sending it back a couple of times, I finally told them 
to put on the old software or else I didn't want it back, and they did, 
and now it works perfect. I should tell you that these are the plate 
machines, not the tube ones. They're the best deal as far as price goes.

weazel at

leib at (Dr. Julian Leibowitz) writes:

>Hi Netters,

>We are going to buy a thermocylcler.  I would like to get one with two blocks 
>which are independently controled.   Alternatively, we get two less expensive 
>machines.   So far it looks like the Ericomp dual block machine will best suit 
>our needs/price range.  I was interested in finding out the general experience 
>two block thermocyclers and with Ericomp machines in general.

>Reply either to the newgroup or by email.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

>Julian Leibowitz (leib at
>Dr. Julian Leibowitz (leib at
>UT Med School, Houston, Texas

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