Transfections w/ Promega's Transfectam

Pam McLean pmclean at
Tue Jan 24 17:00:38 EST 1995

Hi all!

I have been trying to find a technique for transfections into primary rat
cerebellar neurons. So far I have tried CaPO4 precipitation, DEAE dextran
and lipofectin without success.  Recently I realized that promega's
"Transfectam" reagent claims to give efficient transfection into the
aforementioned cell type. However in my hands it doesn't.  I have varied
all parameters suggested and had endless discussions with their technical
services department. 

So, I need help!!!  Has anyone out there used transfectam successfully, in
particular w/ rat cerebellar neurons ? Or, does anyone have any other
methods of transfecting into these stubborn cells ?  The only method in
the literature uses a lipopolyamine and this has recently been marketed as

Thanks for your help!


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