PCR problem:inverted repeats

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Tue Jan 24 12:47:18 EST 1995

I used the Taq Extender kit (promega) for a stubborn region and got a nice 3kb
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>> HI netters!
>>         Im trying to PCR a 3-4 Kb DNA fragment which contains 1.6 Kb of
>> inverted repeat sequence. I get a shorter product which would correspond
>> to a secondary DNA structure loop (DNA hybridizing to itself) hence the taq
>> is unable to read through the entire template. I have tried hot starts to
>> eliminate this but to no avail. Does any one out there have any suggestions?
>Hi Namrata,
>I have not faced this problem, but I was wondering if you had to use Taq,
>or could you use a more thermostable DNA pol. such as Vent or Pfu (I have
>used Vent exo+ at 99C denaturing temp to amplify a highly GC rich
>template).  If you used one of them, perhaps you could dentaure at a
>higher temp. for a longer time.  Maybe this would alleviate your secondary
>structure problems?
>Good luck,
>Viraj Master
>Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
>University of Chicago

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