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>I just bought a Hoefer SemiPhor semi-dry blotting unit and am having a hard
>time getting a 14 cm x 16 cm 8.0% polyacrylamide gel on top of the membrane
>without making it all squiggily diddily at the top near the wells. If I grab
>the gel by the bottom corners, it won't tear, but then I've got hands full and
>can't position it. I find it's easy to place a membrane on top of a gel, but
>the gel on top of the membrane gives me fits! Is there a slick hands-on trick
>for doing this?
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Dear Paul
When you disassemble the glass plates, let the gel sit on one of them and place
the membrane on top of the gel while it still sits on the glass support. You
can now turn the glass plate-gel-membrane package upside down and remove the
gel-membrane from the glass. The membrane serves as support and you place the
pack on the paper wicks and continue as usual.

the gel-membrane pack on the paper wicks as usual.

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