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> We need to perform a luciferase assay on extracts of transgenic plants 
> expressing the Firefly luciferase gene.  We do not have access to a 
> luminometer.  Any suggestions on which is the best kit to use (we've heard 
> that Promega is marketing a new kit that includes co-enzymeA which improves 
> the kinetics of the reaction)?  Also, which instruments apart from 
> luminometers can be used for the assay (we've believe that scintillation 
> counters can also be used)?
> Thanx for any forthcoming tips and suggestions.
> Reon Brand & Heinrich Muller

Hi there,

one person that would be good for you to talk to regarding transfenic
plants is Steve Kay...of Virginia (email: sak5y at who works on
circadian rhythms in arabidopsis.

Regarding a detector...we use a scintillation counter that has an added
single photon monitor..the latter enabling us to measure lucif
activity...we obtained our machine from Beckmann.




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