histamine and hplc

suleyman aydin D31 at vm.baum.anadolu.edu.tr
Wed Jan 25 09:07:17 EST 1995

Dear chromatographers,

My wife was trying to quantitate the histamine content of brain
by the help of HPLC.  But the work was frequently stopped due to
column problem.. We (as being pharmacologist and physiologist) suggested
that some OTHER impurities (may be coming from tissue itself)
behaved as dirtiying substances.

Our column was c18 and ion-exchange resin, fluorometric detn., with
derivatization (with OPT).. The extraction procedure was done according
to Shore's method (with heptane etc..)

But our analysing and HPLC competent friends denied..

What is the problem?

If any experienced friend has a good idea, please let me know.
After my wife I am intending to do histamine work with a different
tissue and a different drug..

Yours friendly,

suleyman AYDIN,
pharmacology lab., anadolu univ., tepebasi-eskisehir/TURKEY.
d31 at vm.baum.anadolu.edu.tr

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