Metanil Yellow as a counterstain?

x88phipps2 at x88phipps2 at
Wed Jan 25 17:38:46 EST 1995

HI there,
I realise that most of you are molecular people, but I'm hoping someone
will have some experience with this compound.

I'm doing immunohisto-labeling on some cell preps and I have the need
to use Metanil yellow (from Sigma), as a counterstain. The product
came with no directions, and to my surprise, sigma's tech line didn't
know how to mix the stuff (they had a reference[which we dont have at
our university]--and the techincal person was very friendly and helpful,
I'm not trying to slam sigma!)

Has anyone used this stuff? What concentrations work?
I don't read this list often, so could you please e-mail me directly?

Thank you from the bottom of my master's thesis
(which I HOPE to have data for!)
john phipps   X88phipps2 at

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