Distinguishing stringent from relaxed?

M.J. Pallen mbpln at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 25 13:57:40 EST 1995

I  am in the process of transduing a Tn10 relA mutation from one strain of 
Salmonella into another. Does anyone have a handy way of scoring the 
relA-negative phenotype, so that I can check that I really do have a relA 
mutation in the second strain? Cahel & Rudd in Neidhardt's E. coli & S. 
typhimurium book mention SMG medium. Is this the best way of 
distinguishing stringent from relaxed strains?

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St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, London, EC1A 7BE
currently at the Dept of Biochemistry, Imperial College, London, SW7 2AY 
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                            lag                   ellum
                             f   e               lag 
       ecoliecoliecoliecoliecoli  l            mf 
      cecoliecoliecoliecoliecolii  l          u 
      eecoliecoliecoliecoliecolic   umf     ll      
      coecoliecoliecoliecoliecoli      l  ge 
       ecoliecoliecoliecoliecoli        a         
         p                   f       fl g 
        i                   l     lum   el
       l                     agel         lu
      u                                      mflagellum

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