Michael R. Frank mr-frank at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 25 22:43:23 EST 1995

bclong at uxmail.ust.hk (Terence) wrote:
> Hello.
> I just want to order the following book:
> 	Current protocols in molecular biology,
> 	by Ausubel, FM; Brent, R; Kingston, RE; Moore, DD; Seidman, JG
> 	Smith, JA; Struhl, K. from John Wiley and Sons, 1991
> However, upon checking with the book store, I found out that there is
> a book:
>  Short protocols in molecular biology : a compendium of methods
>    from Current protocols in molecular biology / edited by
>    Frederick M. Ausubel ... [et al.]
>  2nd ed. (1992)
> So, is this the second edition of the first, or a shoter version?
> Any owner of the above books can answer me this question?
> Thx in advance!

> Terence
> Dept Biochem
> HKU of Sci and Tech
> Hong Kong
"Current protocols..." is a rather large two-volume set, which goes into
very good detail on many procedures, including background, alternates,
and expected outcomes. It is rather expensive, tho, as it is more of 
a subscription (with frequent updates) than a book purchase. I haven't
seen the "Short protocols..." book, which is different from the
preceeding volumes, but I've heard that the emphasisis on "short", 
almost bare outlines of procedures, but very good if you already have
some experience.

Michael R. Frank

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