Translation of uncapped T7 RNA pol transcripts help!!

Ca Lab Calab at
Wed Jan 25 10:05:52 EST 1995

> The problem with the EMCV sequence seems to be that you need to use the
ATG at 
> the 3' end of the UTR to get translation of the product. This would mean 
> modifying the 5' end of all my inserts to enable insertion into the correct 
> position.
> Thanking you for any suggestions,
>                                 Alistair

   Having worked on internal initiation, I know that you don't need the
ATG from the viral RNA. Check references from Pelletier et al. mol cell
biol 8,1103 (1988
) for poliovirus and Jang et al. j virol 62, 2636 (1988) for EMCV to see
that you only need a portion of the 5' UTR to direct cap indep translation
to a heterologous protein. 
    Karen Meerovitch
   McGill University

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