Acrylamide gels sitcks to plates

Dan Lasser dml1 at
Thu Jan 26 08:42:52 EST 1995

I want to make an 8% acrylamide, 8M urea, 1x TBE sequencing gel.
Runs and pours well but sticks to glass plates and won't transfer to even 
the best quality filter paper! This is despite siliconizing the opposite 
plate and I even tried mildly siliconizing the "gel plate".

When I went down to 6% acrylamide, 6M urea, I got slight improvement but 
still sticks and gel was trashed!

I never seemed to have had this problm before using LongRanger (Hydrolink)
acrylamide mix and 0.6X TBE (Nice but quite expensive). 

Does someone have an idea what I am doing wrong? 
How do I deal with this acrylamonster?

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