DMF & DNA Synthesis (0/1)

rayj at rayj at
Thu Jan 26 23:02:06 EST 1995

We are looking for any information regarding the synthesis of DNA using DMF as a solvent.  We have 
a phosphoramidite that is soluble in water and DMF.  Since water is a BAD solvent for DNA synthesis, 
we are forced to solubilize the phosphoramidite in DMF.  We are using an ABI 392 with 8 positions,  I 
figure we will use one position for DMF solvent, to wash the column with after we couple the DMF 
solubilized phosphoramidite.  We will subsequently use standard acetonitrile methods.  Our main 
question revolves around coupling times in DMF.  If anyone can provide any ideas or information we 
would be most greatfull.  Thanks in advance...

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