Single primer PCR amplification??

G. G.
Thu Jan 26 13:11:52 EST 1995

In article <1995Jan20.210640.14826 at>, edahl at (Eric N. Dahl) says:
>This may be a stupid question... is it possible to amplify DNA using just 
>one primer?  How difficult is it to get it to work?
>One primer PCR is certainly possible and is quoted in many
places as a good way of producing single stranded template
for sequencing.
You must however start with a PCR product, and use quite a bit of it 
(1-10%), this ensures that the Taq doesn't extend your primer
indefinately, e.g if you used genomic DNA.
The amplification will not be exponential, but linear for obvious
reasons, hence the requirement for sufficient template.
G Jenkins

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