BAbCo address and phone?

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Fri Jan 27 14:07:22 EST 1995

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> We are trying to obtain a commercially available monoclonal antibody
> 12CA5 to HA1 epitope-tag.  Please don't give me an 800 number, as
> I can't use that from here in the UK.  Other sources for this 
> antibody welcome.  Thanks.
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Hi Leanne,

Babco doesn't sell the monoclonal 12CA5 Ab any more.  They have sold their
rights to Boehringer Manheim, so try them for the monoclonal.   Babco
however sells a rabbit polyclonal Ab against the HA tag.  It works in both
Westerns and immunoprecipitations although it is a bit messier than the
monoclonal.  Babco's address is:
4131 Lakeside Dr., Suite B
Richmond, CA 94806-1965
phone (510) 222 4940
fax (510) 222 1897

I have nothing to do with either of these companies other than using their


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