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 >  Does anyone have any experience to synthesize adaptor? 
 >  Thanks in advance!

Hello Qunfeng,
See "Use of conversion adaptors to clone antigen genes in lambda gt11." 
Stover, Vodkin & Oaks. 1987. Analytical Biochemistry 163, 398-407.
Basicly they mixed complementary oligos in equimolar concentrations (the 
duplex DNA concentraion adjusted to 20 microM) in 25 miliM Tris-HCL 8.0, 10
miliM MgCl2.  They then heated the mixtures to 95 C and cooled to room 
temperature slowly (~ 1 hr.)  [Taken near verbatim from p. 400 of article.]
Mistakes are mine and not the authors.
Good Luck

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